Final Hour Prophetic Voice - Calling the Church to Glory
In this final hour God is raising up instruments to bring forth His full thought concerning His Son. FINAL HOUR PropheticVoice is one of those voices crying in the wilderness of present day Christianity in order to recover God’s original intention for His Church.
There is a new fullness on the horizon for the Bride of Christ as we drink of a fresh enlightenment of the Spirit and shine forth with the radiant glory of the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ.
The Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God is upon us, calling the Church to a complete and total return of our hearts unto Him that He may return to us in all the fullness of Christ in this FINAL HOUR.
Please come back often to partake of the refreshing and challenging prophetic works posted here.

Prophet's Journal
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Allow this prophetic work to penetrate your heart and find its expression in the core of your being 


Only a broken man
Can stand 
In Your presence 

Only a humble man
Can partake
Of Your essence
Only the meek
Only the lowly 
Only the weak
Only the lonely 

Devoid of self assurance 
Instructed through endurance 
By the light of truth
Which way to choose
Willing to lose
The self life
Seeking to perpetuate 
Greed and strife

Through subtle lies
That I am my own 
Sitting on the throne
Of nothingness 

Deceived in arrogance
That I belong somewhere 
Out there
In vanity

Always seeking me
An endless plight
A hopeless fight
Without truth

Penetrating deeply
Exposing me
Offering me

To soar freely
Escaping captivity 
Arising from darkness
Into Kingdom glory

No longer my own
I relinquish the throne 
In humility 
Working deeply 

Within me
Enlightening me
So I can be
A broken man

Led by His hand

Surrendering my plans
I am able to stand
By His might
In pure light

I have learned 
Through each turn
How to be
Like Him

Lowly again
I rest
On His chest
A broken man



“Now, we have here a solemn discovery of what the great want is in the church of Christ. God has called the church of Christ to live in the power of the Holy Spirit, and the church is living for the most part in the power of human flesh, and of will and energy and effort apart from the Spirit of God...If the church will return to acknowledge that the Holy Spirit is her strength and her help, and if the church will return to give up everything, and wait upon God to be filled with the Spirit, her days of beauty and gladness will return and we shall see the glory of God revealed among us.”
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