Final Hour Prophetic Voice - Calling the Church to Glory
New Day Words for the Church
Day of Separation
  A sample of words found in Final Hour Prophetic Voice-11th Hour Edition
Gardem Pathways - An Intimate Walk with the Crucified One
Eminent Domain
Fullness of Times....Time of the End
Filled With His Glory
God’s Weeping Heart
Help Me
Heart Attack and Blood Pressure
Holy Fire
Holy Love
Instructions of the Heart
Mirrors in the Mall - Reflections of a Tragedy
My Business
Precisely Speaking
Prepared for Him
Rechabites and The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Sovereign Work
The Manifestation of The Beast
Things are Coming to a HEAD in 2012
This Supernatural Moment
Welcome to Sardis
Whirlwinds of Destiny (Bride to be? -or- Sex and the City?)
An Open Invitation
Anguish in Aurora- The Agony of Enthroning Accomplishment
Deep Digger
Divine Measurement
Garden Seasons
Garden Secrets
Garden Songs
Garden Sorrows 
Garden Spectacle
Garden Splendor
Issues of the Heart
Looming Judgments
Panic or Perfection?
Phantom Plans
Pooped Priesthood or Royal Aroma?
Price-less Christianity
Representation without Purification
Sanctified Relationships
The Best
2006 The Year of Distinction
2010 - A Dividing Point
Up From the Earth
Whose Side Are You On?
Willing Vessels
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